Chart Common Controls

Along the top header, small Icons provide common controls for the associated chart.  At the top-right of each chart, a Settings Icon is used to access other common chart controls for panning, zooming, and cursors.

Each icon provides a single function explained below:

Download CSV 

Downloads a Comma Separated Values file of the measurement.

Fit Data

       Automatically scales the Y-axis in order to fit the measurement within the chart window.

Toggle Chart Overlays

       Toggles the visibility of the frame-count overlay in the bottom-right-hand corner of the chart. 

Reset Chart Positioning

       Resets the chart-positioning to locate the reference plane at the left-hand side of the display. From this location, chart pan and zoom features may be used to examine specific other locations and this button can be used to get back to the nominal view location.


       Launches this help system regarding current App in a new window.


       Removes the App from the current Tab.

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