Setting a Static IP Address on your Device

The Pattern Generator is set to use DHCP to obtain an IP address on the local area network and the gateway address.  The system operates on top of a Linux distribution, so with a little Linux background, it is easy to use standard Linux tools to change the networking mode to use a static IP address.

The easiest way, is to plug in an HDMI monitor, keyboard, and mouse to the device and to power it on.  This will result in a desktop login, where you can provide the credentials:

username:  root

password: 123!Pepper

Then, you can access Network settings to make the desired changes.  After you make these changes, we recommend a power-cycle and a double-check via the desktop user interface to see that the new settings are engaged.

For Linux administrators, The SSH daemon is running and the standard SSH port 22 is open, and the same credentials can be used to access a bash shell for administration.

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