For the IT Department

BitWise devices connect to your local area network.  The following describes the access to ports that are required to be open to the internet in order to support the software version update server.  These functions require access to the Internet.

       Port                        Destination                        Description

       923                      Access public BitWise software update server, synchronize manifests

       923                      Lookup local IP address, red button on rear

       20-21                      Use standard FTP ports to download software updates

       123                        [various]                        Network time protocol time synchronization at boot-up (optional)

The following ports are used within your local area network to support user interface, automation, UPnP discovery, and SAMBA file system sharing. For these purposes, access to the internet is not required: 

       Port                        Description

       BitWise Server        Automation server, port 923

HTTP                        Apache Web server, port 80

HTTPS                Apache Secure Web server, port 443


       UPnP                        Universal Plug-n-Play, ports 1900, 2869 

SAMBA                SAMBA file system sharing, port 445

SAMBA                SAMBA Netbios, ports 137-139

SSH                        SSH system configuration, port 22

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