Program Menu

Program Menu Icon

Located in the upper-left-hand corner of the user interface, the program menu expands when clicked on to show the options below:

Reset GUI Panels 

Resetting the GUI panels returns the user interface tabs to their default configuration. The default apps for each of the user interface tabs are listed on the Interface Tabs page.

Resetting the GUI panels does NOT reset the custom User group configurations.

Set Password IconSet Password 

Setting a password will require a password login each time a new browser session of the GUI is launched.

If a password is set, each user must log in by pressing the login buttonLogin Icon in the upper-right-hand corner and providing the system password. If a password has been set and a user does not log in, then the user will only be able to see the user interface and read properties, but not make any changes.

If no password has been set, then the login button will be gray and not clickable. 

Clear Password IconClear Password 

If a user is logged in, then the user may clear the system password using this button. Once the system password is cleared then individual user login will no longer be required for anybody to access the device to operate it and make changes. 

Show Text with Icons

If this option is selected, then the application tool bar thumbnails will be accompanied by their application names.

Show Application Tool Bar 

If this option is selected, then the Application tool bar will be visible above the current user interface panel.

Manage Configurations

Configuration files store all the properties associated with the device. These collections of settings configure the device for specific applications. By managing configuration files, you can store the current collection of settings and assign a name to it. Then you can restore this configuration file any time you wish to use the device for the specific application. 

The device occasionally stores the current collection of settings in a Recent configuration file.  

The device may have one configuration file selected to be the Startup configuration file. If no file is selected, the Recent collection is used. This generally ensures that when you turn on the device, the same settings will be in place as when you turned off the device.

By setting the Startup configuration file to a specific configuration file, the device will always start up in the same configuration.

Factory Reset IconReset Factory Settings 

Resetting factory settings restores the device to its factory configurations. 

Shutdown Device