Safety Information

Please follow this list of safety precautions to avoid personal harm or damage to your equipment. Only use your equipment as specified, only certified technicians should perform service on your equipment.

  • Operate within all terminal ratings
    • Do not exceed posted terminal ratings.
  • Operate with equipment grounded
    • Properly ground all of your equipment and operators.
  • Operate with proper ventilation
    • Do not obstruct ventilation ports on equipment. Ambient air temperature surrounding equipment must be within 15°C - 35°C.
  • Operate with proper power cord/adapter
    • Use only the BitWise-supplied three-pronged grounded power cord.
  • Do not operate in wet or damp conditions
    • Ensure all work spaces and equipment is dry.
  • Do not operate with suspected failures
    • If you suspect the equipment is damaged or broken, contact BitWise service.
  • Connect and disconnect properly
    • Do not connect or disconnect probes or test leads while they are connected to a voltage source.
  • Do not use in wet or explosive atmospheres
  • Use indoors only
  • Keep product surfaces clean and dry
  • Do not block cooling vents. 
    • Leave a minimum six inches (15 cm) gap between product and nearest object.  Keep underside clear of papers and other objects.
  • Do not remove cover or inside parts. 
  • Refer all maintenance to qualified service personnel
  • Operate in an anti-static environment

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