Accessing the User Interface using a Web Browser

BitWise Laboratories devices are controlled using their browser-based user interface. Each device serves its own site which is accessible on the device's local network within your lab, or, (depending on your networking configuration) can be accessible from anywhere in your building or across the globe.

Finding the Device IP Address

There are four standard methods for determining the Pattern Generator's IP address on your local area network.

1. BitWise Automated Lookup

If your Pattern Generator is connected to a network with internet access, then you can use the Automated IP Address Lookup feature on the website. Click on the icon in the upper-right-hand corner of the website and follow the instructions.

You will be prompted to press the ID button on the back of your Pattern Generator and enter your device serial number (e.g. "000001"). 

Do not hold down the ID button too long. That action initiates a factory reset of the device.  A single, solid press and release is all that is necessary.

Once your device is identified through the network, the website will report the device's local IP address. You can click on the link or copy it into your browser to access the user interface for the specified device.

2. UPnP Lookup

If your Local Area Network supports Universal Plug and Play (UPnP), then you can search for a network-connected Pattern Generator from a separate network-connected computer. Navigate to that computer's 'Network' menu and look for the 'Other Devices' found on the network. The Pattern Generator device will display as an icon in the list of available UPnP devices. Clicking on this icon will launch the device's GUI in your default web browser.

3. Navigating the Pattern Generator Operating System

The Pattern Generator's embedded Linux desktop is available if the Pattern Generator is turned on with a USB mouse, USB keyboard, and HDMI display plugged in. Once the device boots, log in as "Bitwise Operator" user with the default password "123!Pepper". Then, access the network configuration settings to find the local IP address.

4. DHCP Device List

A fourth way is to look for the IP address assigned to the Pattern Generator device by examining the status of the DHCP server on the local area network (often contained within the network router). These devices usually show the hostname of connected devices, along with the IP address they have assigned. The hostname for each Pattern Generator is of the form "bitwise-######", where the right-hand digits are the device serial number.

Connecting to the User Interface

Once you find the IP address for your device, you can enter this in your favorite browser URL to access the user interface website.

The first time you enter the address on a new computer, it takes a few moments for the website to download its resources into your browser.  Future accesses will happen more quickly.  

For more information about getting started quickly, see the Pattern Generator Quick Start section of the Help system.

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