Platform Calibration Status

The Calibration Status icon leads to the Platform Calibration Menu. Platform Calibrations are different than TDR/TDT Calibrations; they are used to calibrate the STEPScope's measurements to its specific hardware and environment. They do not need to be performed every time the STEPScope is used. The Platform Calibrations require two 50-ohm terminators and one short male-to-male SMA cable.

Platform Calibrations Menu

Calibrate Noise

Calibrates sampler for internal systematic noise. 

Connect two 50 Ohm terminators to the TDR +/- connectors to scan readings at a specific location where the levels are expected to be flat and store the actual mV readings there. These readings are adjusted for any slight leveling required to make them flat. These amounts are used in the second step to adjust readings before recognizing the trigger input.

Calibrate Delay

Calibrates timebase linearity. 

Connect the single ended signal from the trigger output to the TDR(+) connector. The TDR(-)  connector is left with a 50-Ohm terminator on it. The function scans the trigger signal, adjusting it for any small noise amount from the previous step, and recognizing it as a sine wave. This information is used to create a delay calibration as a function of time in picoseconds.

Download Results

Download the calibration results in a .CSV file.

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